Autumn Rain

Ayla Modeste is an evolving being with nature as her greatest inspiration. She aligns her truth with expression that invokes freedom. Ayla is a Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Dance Instructor, and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. Dance has shown her the way to her creative heart through a healing journey of deep gratitude and learning. Through movement she facilitates others to unlock their creative potential and brings life to the existing movement patterns.

Ayla is the founder, director and choreographer of Crystal Movement Dance Collective, a dance performance group that uses movement and sound to facilitate conscious awakening.  

She began Massaging as a way to learn techniques in healing dancer's injuries. After graduating from MH Vicars Massage School from the 2200 Hour Remedial Massage program in 2015, she now works with a wide scope of client needs.




Autumn Rain Massage Therapy is a remedial, therapeutic treatment focusing on guiding the body back to harmony. The techniques used are: myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilization, active stretching, energetic balancing and more to help you return to functionality and optimal health.  The treatment is designed to guide you into feeling relaxed, grounded and inspired to continue your healing path.  Home care tools are provided, consisting of yoga based movement. Dance movement tools can also be used as a tool to bring functionality to the body.



In Autumn Rain Dance Sessions, the body, soul and spirit connect to help you achieve your full expressive self.

In Modern/Contemporary, you will experience an invigorating body - mind activation that will help you develop new creative pathways. You will receive fundamental elements of dance that will enrich your practise whether you are experienced or new to dance.

Ecstatic Dance Classes will help you let go of inhibitions, surrender your mind and free your body into fun, authentic and joyful expression. Music and Soundscapes designed by Ayla and other Musicians are accompanied in each of the classes.

Contact me for further inquiry on class dates, rehearsal dates, performance opportunities and anything regarding your personal dance journey.



Autumn Rain offer's private yoga sessions as well as classes at a variety of locations in Edmonton, AB.  Akhanda Yoga, a practise created in India, developed by Yogrishi Vishvektu, is a holistic approach to yoga that encourages students to explore all aspects of the diverse traditions of yoga.  Autumn Rain incorporates  the Akhanda Shakti model developed at Passion Yoga School, which is passed down through the Akhanda lineage.  

 Autumn Rain yoga classes and sessions will integrate traditional yoga practise with respect to individual needs. You will experience an uplifting and grounding experience whether in class or in a private a session.

"Yoga Is a practise that is enriched into everyday living. When the mind, soul and body truly connect, every aspect of your life has a purpose."

- Ayla Modeste



 I am so grateful that you took the time to read about my offerings. 

By reaching out to me, we can begin a journey of healing and expression.