Autumn Rain

It's True.  I find truth in nature, human interaction and through spoken and unspoken wisdom. My Cree and Gwich'in ancestry brings me strength and guidance in reclaiming the power of indigenous culture. I cultivate my expression  from a place of freedom and I'm  consistently manifesting my visions into reality with the help of my community.

 Ayla is a Registered Massage Therapist, Healer, Yoga Instructor, Dance and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Youth Leadership Coordinator. Dance has shown her the way to her heart through a journey of learning, unlearning and gratitude. 

Ayla graduated from MH Vicars Massage School from the 2200 Hour Remedial Massage program in 2015,

She now works in her practise in Edmonton AB with a wide scope of cliental.



Massage Therapy

Autumn Rain Massage Therapy is Remedial and Therapeutic. I focus on guiding the body back to harmony through several techniques including: fascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilization and active stretching. Many people leave the treatment feeling relaxed and grounded.  

Autumn Rain Healing is a place where pain can be shifted into understanding.



Home care tools are provided from yoga based movement.

Movement tools from dance can also be integrated into the home care practise.





In contemporary dance, we explore a wide range of techniques that help to create dynamic movement. 

The movement that is expressed in the classes may seem familiar, nourishing, peaceful, abstract and beautiful.

I offer Ecstatic Dance Classes sometimes as drop in or series. Ecstatic Dance Classes will help you let go of inhibitions, surrender your mind and free your body into fun, authentic and joyful expression. There is no prerequisite dance level for this class as it is a personal journey. During Ecstatic Dance classes, there is a group intention that is cultivated in the space. 

Music is collected by Ayla and other Musicians may play live to accompany the classes.


 Upcoming Performances:

Ancestors and Elders World Premiere April 27th and 28th, 2018

Ayla is Involved with the Shumka Ukrainian Dancers in a Project called, Ancestors and Elders premiering April 27th and 28th. The multi-disipinary Indigenous Artists as well as the cast of Ukrainian Dancers will explore the shared values as well as the respected differences between Ukrainian and First Nations People. This project means a lot to me, as my mother's side, being Cree and Gwichin, have a rooted foundation in our traditions, yet there is still healing to be done. Through telling this story, I hope to enrich peoples understanding of the healing that has had to take place and the healing that is still needed to live in mutual respect and harmony with Indigenous culture. Please follow the link for more information on this project and to purchase tickets.



 Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

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